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Hands Up Occupational Therapy - Union Square

About Us

At Hands Up OT, we provide a wide range of evaluative services and rehabilitation techniques. Our treatment plans are individualized and evidence-based. We work closely with our referring physicians and provide every patient with one-on-one treatment, ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care. We are experts in evaluating and rehabilitating a number of upper extremity conditions, stemming from repetitive strain, upper extremity trauma, post surgery and chronic conditions.

Our Services

Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Trans-friction Massage

Joint Mobilization

Manual Stretching

Scar Management


Fabricate, same day custom orthotics for stabilization, immobilization, protection and exercise.  

Therapeutic Exercise

Progressive Resistive Exercises

Range of Motion Exercise

Fine Motor Coordination 

De-Sensitization Activities


Work Station Assessments

Desk Set Up Recommendations

Postural Assessments

Work place modifications

Postural Education



Paraffin Wax


Heat / Cold Therapy

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Assessments

Virtual Consultations

Progression of Home Exercise 


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