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Hands Up OT Reviews

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Evan - Gramercy Park, NYC

Distal Radius & Ulnar Styloid Fracture - Post Surgical

"Pepie & Hamlet are a legendary duo that healed me significantly faster than my surgeon anticipated. They have fast modern communication, clean facilities, convenient location, and are actually super enjoyable to hangout with while doing your therapy. Thanks to them my once destroyed wrist is now 100% back in record timing. Couldn't be more appreciative & impressed, honestly am going to miss this being part of my routine!"

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Madeline - Tribeca, NYC

Digital Nerve Laceration Post Surgical Repair

"Pepie was the highlight of my nerve repair surgery. She is incredibly knowledgeable and dependable. I was always impressed by Pepie’s awareness of both the physical and emotional aspects of recovery. She goes out of her way to deliver the best care, and she’s flexible with scheduling. Pepie’s positive energy and bedside manner is both inspiring and empowering. I couldn’t ask for a better OT!!"

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Shelly - Brooklyn, New York

Distal Radius Fracture Post Surgical

"I broke my left wrist and had surgery and when cast was off, luckily I found Pepie and Hamlet. My wrist was extremely Stiff and had limited movement. I was seeking exactly what Pepie and Hamlet did (which is amazing one on one service), excellent treatments, exercises and quickly my wrist is almost back to normal. I always looked forward to getting therapy, they are both so professional and talented and great individuals. I highly recommend this office!!!"

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